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google seppuku for the character ジ

ジ I love this character because it's like a little smiley face! ジ

Page two: http://www.k3.dion.ne.jp/~kimchi/LOVELOG_IMG/20050311c89ba8b6.jpg - some dude (or dudette, I can't quite tell) busting some mad reps in da gym!!

Also page two: http://image.blog.livedoor.jp/shira3776/d0a17784.jpg - For some reason this ordinary photo of a girl on a swing in the woods, with some facially-haired dude off to the side, kinda makes me feel... unsettled.

Page three: http://hikaru.be/modules/xoopsgallery/cache/albums/album18/IMG_0804.jpg - No, no, no... it's just a cute little baby! If you saw anything else in that picture, you're a sicko and you should scrub out your brain with soap!

Page four: http://ricocoblog.seesaa.net/image/20050513_2.JPG - Are those cherries?

and finally...

Page ten: http://www.planetakornerson.com/media/fantasia_heidi.jpg - That looks uncomfortable. And... is that the same little girl from page four? WARNING: BOOBAGE AND SUCH
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