I'm Miss World, Somebody Kill Me (cloudicus) wrote in googleseppuku,
I'm Miss World, Somebody Kill Me

<3 this game

あ brings us

Page 1:

Someone's enjoying his rice a little too much me thinks..

Finally, something catering to my fetish for angry cats in bandages making pastry!!

Page 8:

This scares me =/

Page 27:

Is this meant to be greenday..? As zombies..? Wha..?

Nothing tooo exciting so, lets try 熱い.

Page 2:

As a vegi I might be slightly biased, but still, that looks appetising

Page 11:

Page 13:
Would you trust your kid with that?

Page 14:

Nothign too disturbing, but a few things that make you go 'what the fonzie'.
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i ♥♥♥ the pastry cat!
I agree - pastry cat is awesome! ^_^
The green thing on Page 13 is one of the mascots for the Toyota World Expo. He and his "granddaughter" (a smaller light green version) are supposed to be shrubbery.

And mmm, salmon.